Personal Assistant, Concierge Service, Errand Girl or just Helper. Whatever the title, the goal of My Girl Friday stays the same - to help you live the life you want by taking care of the things that you either can't or no longer want to do.

Imagine the task, errand or chore that is the thorn in your side; whether it is a time sucker or a struggle for you to do. Now imagine you no longer need to worry about it. Do you already know what you will be doing with your stress-free downtime? Are you able to relax knowing that you can enjoy your home because you no longer have to worry about how you will manage? 

Let My Girl Friday take your stress away and get you back to the most important task of all - enjoying your life!



Household & Personal Assistance

Chores, errands, a honey-do list. Whatever you call them they are time suckers! If you would prefer to spend your time off with your feet up instead of racing through your list of To-Dos, give me a call!

  Senior Services

Are you a senior that would love to stay in your own home as long a possible but would like some help with everyday tasks?Or are you a friend or family member that is unable to spend as much time as you would like ensuring your aging loved one has all they need? I can give you the peace of mind knowing someone is there to help.

Small Business Assistance

Feel like you spend so much time on mundane admin tasks that you can't focus on growing your business? If you could use a hand to getting organized or some extra time to allow you to build your business, I can help!

Pet Care

My Girl Friday loves pets! Whether you're away or just need a hand with their daily care, let me help to ensure your pet is receiving all the love and attention they deserve.

Vacationers & Weekenders

Heading out of town? I will make sure your house is safe while you're away. Returning to the County? I'll make sure your home/cottage is stocked, tidy and waiting for your return. I have you covered whether you're coming or going! 

If there is anything you require assistance with that you don't see listed please contact me to discuss. 


Please note: I do not provide healthcare or childcare 

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