Household & Personal Assistance

Are you tired of trying to keep up with all the tasks associated with daily life? Groceries, errands and chores are huge time suckers. They steal valuable time away from getting to enjoy life the way you imagined. Wouldn't it be great to know at the end of your work day you didn't have 4 more hours of "work" at home? My Girl Friday is here to help you check all those annoying items off your to-do list and give your time back so you can focus on the important things in your life.

  • shop or run errands on client's behalf 

  • grocery shopping and putting items away

  • light housekeeping including help with laundry and making beds/changing linens

  • general organizing: decluttering, re-organizing, preparing to move, downsizing, unpacking

  • in-house meal prep

  • oversee or wait for home deliveries or service calls

  • taking car in for servicing 

  • online research 

  • check on your home while you are away (short and long term) - pick up mail/flyers, care for houseplants, put out and put away garbage cans, shovel walkway to give appearance that you are home 

  • house sitting

  • holiday decorating

  • donation drop off; dump drop off (small items)

  • assistance with prepping for, during and clean up after parties, family gatherings, social functions (let me do the work while you enjoy your party)

  • minor landscaping: watering outdoor plants, picking up and arranging outdoor seasonal planters, digging holes for plants (small scale), picking up and applying mulch, preparing small gardens for spring/fall (trimming, raking leaves, putting lawn ornaments out or away), small scale snow shovelling/blowing (client must have their own snow blower).

If there is anything you require assistance with that you don't see listed please contact me to discuss. 


Please note: I do not provide healthcare or childcare 

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